Monday, January 27, 2020

New Year, New Decade, New Way!

Welcome to the 2020s!  As we begin a new decade, I want to share something which may sound a little rah-rah, and "common sense-y," but in addition to holding myself accountable, I think it may actually be of benefit to others---not just in detecting, but in the game of life.

Truth is, I am not big on the whole "New Years Resolution" thing.  Most of us greet January 1st with an exhale and a feeling of relief that we survived the previous year, all the while glancing hopefully toward the future. Having a goal is great, but adding pressure because "everyone else is making resolutions," can really be deflating.  Instead, I have decided to look at the new year and this next decade as a "reboot".

That's right.  Another ten years wiser (hopefully), I have come to realize that having no structure in place for achieving goals is a guaranteed fail. (Duh!) Whether it's building up the courage to door knock, learning how to create YouTube videos, or even something personal like eating healthy, or finding a new job; instead of scheduling it for New Year's Day (which many have undoubtedly done), let's use this as a clean slate--a time to start fresh and take control instead of simply reacting defensively to things as they happen.

Below are a few tips which may help in creating the perfect offensive plan:
  1. Identify your goals and WHY you want to achieve them.  (Incidentally if you are attempting to achieve a goal for someone else, you're probably going to fail.  You have to want it for yourself!)
  2. Identify what DOESN'T work.  What have you done in the past that has failed.  Yeah, don't do that again.  Looking at past patterns. You may find that you've been repeating the same behavior over and over expecting different results (That whole "insanity" thing).
  3. Have a contingency plan.  What happens if things do not work out as intended. Obstacles are constantly being throw in our way.  What type of snags are you likely to encounter and how can you work around them?
  4. Get out of your own way.  While identifying your goals, you may realize you are trudging along the same path you've gone down before (see step 2).  Be willing to take a small step back or at least in another direction, to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  5. Develop a plan and work it!  Don't just say you are going to do something and wait for it to happen; as if shouting your words into the ether will propel you forward. Set a schedule, do something that inspires you, whatever it is that keeps you focused. Work your plan every day.
  6. Set small goals.  Taking baby steps and celebrating small achievements builds confidence, increases will power, and snowballs into success.
So there it is!  I hope these tips will help guide you to unspeakable treasures!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting and Nokta Makro Field Team Member)

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