Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Be Illustrious

I don't want to be famous – Everyone feels entitled to judge your decisions.
I don't want to be a the top – Everyone questions your right to be there.
I don't want to be considered an "expert" – Everyone questions your skills.
I don't want to be considered a genius—There is always someone more intelligent to learn from.
I don't want to be considered beautiful based on looks – Beauty is subjective and changes with age.

If I am to be respected, let it be by those who deserve my respect in return.
If I am to be recognized let it be for my diplomacy and ability to see things from all sides.
If I am to be admired, admire my strength and tenacity.
If I am to be commended, commend my ability to have confidence without arrogance.
If I am to be applauded, applaud my ability to bring laughter in difficult circumstances.
If I am to be extolled, let it be for my fairness, honesty, and sincerity.
If I am to be praised, let it be for my kind heart, giving soul, and the love I extend.
If I am to be adored, let it be for my true character.

Should I be criticized, let it be from those with something constructive to offer.
Should I reach my goals, let it not be at the expense of others or my integrity.
Should I find happiness, let it be with my life, my choices, and the person I've become.
Should I find contentment, let it be with those I love, doing what brings me joy.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)
© 2018 Siren Kimmie/Girls Rock Metal Detecting. All Rights Reserved.

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