Tuesday, August 23, 2016

One-Year Anniversary Metal Detecting and Pokemon Go!

Girls Rock Metal Detecting celebrates it's one-year anniversary digging and investigating the phenomenon known as Pokemon Go! Does siren Kimmie find a PokeWine stop? Find out here in this Poke-mentary Dig with metal detecting, Pokemon Go, relics, coins, the find of the month winner, Jocelyn Elizabeth and so much more... check it out!
#PokemonGo #Metaldetecting #GirlsRockMetalDetecting #SirenKimmie

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm Not a Joiner

Are we ready for a rant?  Okay, so, I am a member of a whole-lotta Facebook groups, this much is true.  Though some may consider this egregious, I love each and every one one of them.  They are made up of, mostly, like-minded individuals who enjoy metal detecting. While I certainly cannot engage in every single group daily on any grand scale--I depend 100% on my news feed and Facebook notifications to keep me involved.--On each page I post one or two video links a month, a meme, or blog here and there.  I try to participate in special events, such as Stealth Diggers' "Selfie Sunday", Global Detecting Adventures' "Art Tuesday", or if I see something pirate related I'll post it on Dirt Pirates.  But beyond that I'm frequently scrolling, commenting where I can, liking posts I enjoy, and in that way I am differentiating by individual people not the groups themselves.

I mean, isn't that what Facebook is about anyway?  The individual people?

To me, Facebook is a gathering place, much like the city center.  There are a ton of shops, businesses, bars (or pubs if you will) downtown. While I can go inside any one of these establishments, I generally prefer to be outdoors, lounging on some cafe sidewalk chair sipping a glass of wine.  I sit and observe...watch the people go about their business, petting someone's dog as they walk by, complimenting someone's shoes, or just nodding a friendly hello.  Sometimes I'll pop in a place, sing a song, then drop the mic and walk out the door (proverbially speaking of course).

In this analogy, if I'm in your group and I don't always engage--If I simply wish to "walk in and sing my song" and decline a game of pool or darts, are you going to ask me to leave?  Truth of the matter is, maybe your patrons ENJOY my brand of "music" and they're staying a on a bit longer because they like what they hear.  Or maybe my version of Ballroom Blitz filtered out into the street intriguing a few people to stop by.  Or, hell, maybe I'm simply background noise, adding to the over all atmosphere.  Regardless of the role, it is all part of the overall spirit.  

I recognize that groups need to have rules.  No cursing, no porn, it's a family show after all...but demanding that your members comment on posts, and "filtering out" those who participate primarily through links is a bit elitist.  Who are you to say that one or more of your members do not wish to see these posts?  Shouldn't it be up to THEM to either watch or scroll by?  As I've said before, I'm an introvert. So, by nature I am not a "joiner".  I have friends and family who get aggravated on a regular basis because they don't hear from me enough. So maybe you can appreciate that I put my heart into everything I create and am giving a little bit of myself with each new video, blog, meme, or what have you.  This IS my form of participation. So if you're telling me, the introvert, how I should interact within your group, and if you enlist nothing more than individuals who are being threatened with removal if they do not frequently comment--like a bunch of mindless automatons--I'm best left out anyway.  Thing is, 90% of all group members are in at least one other group, so it's safe to surmise they will eventually "hear my band play" somewhere along the line.  In the meantime, I'll just sit out here humming my tune, enjoying my wine and casually conversing with those who feel I have something of value to offer.  Heck, I always preferred the intimacy of  smaller gigs anyhow.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Do Not Mourn the Darkness

The once dark and comforting night,
Is now but an echo of what shone in the light.
A foggy reminder of past things...
Miscellaneous happenings.

Where there used to be a soothing song,
The quiet gives rise to an eerie calm.
With much room for feelings to recklessly wander,
Imagination roams as thoughts do conjure.

The stars still sparkle, this much is true,
And from way down here it’s quite the view.
Take peace within its utter starkness.
Please do not mourn the darkness.

As nighttime comes to revive and reflect,
It cradles in stillness, it soothes and protects.
So rest now in sweet and dreamless sleep,
And trust your heart to twilight's keep.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting and Nokta Makro Field Team Member)

For more information about the Simplex+ check out my Quick Start Guide on Youtube.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Girls Rock Metal Detecting 1st Anniversary Pokemon Dig

Digging, investigating Pokemon Go and Jocelyn Elizabeth earns the Girls Rockin' Find of the Month for July (also with Aggie Hall, Thrills in the Dig and much more!)

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Music is not just a bunch of notes strung together.
It's not simply rhyming a few words or set patterns.
Music is more than undulating rhythms.  
It is an extension of the soul.
Music is emotion, it is spirituality, and it is healing.
It is a celebration as well as grieving.

Music transcends time and space—a vehicle for the mind, body, and soul.
It goes beyond artistic creativity—something to be experienced.
Music is a living, breathing thing…evocative…provocative.
It is the purest form of expression.
Music is love, hate, forgiveness, submission, lust, strength, anger, power, joy, truth, passion...

Music is the very essence of life.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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