Monday, August 31, 2015

Building Up or Tearing Down

I have never claimed to be overly mature.  I’m a proud member of the Peter Pan generation and I refuse to grow up.  I like toys, I love to play and I plan on staying young forever (if only at heart).  I fully encourage this behavior in everyone.  However, I do not subscribe to the mentality of keyboard warriors, who hold fast to clichĂ© cliquey high school ignorance.  

Social media, historically, has been a breeding ground for spreading hate and nastiness because it comes with no real consequences.  You can say something unkind to another person and walk away from the keyboard into your own existence without ever having to answer for your inappropriate behavior.  In America we preach free speech and so many hide behind this as if it's a license to be ugly.  

Mean girls (and boys), fueled by jealousy, boredom or a complete lack of social grace and etiquette, take every opportunity to tear others down.  It's quite sad really.  I cannot imagine any person truly feeling GOOD about themselves as they are belittling or insulting and hurting another human being.  There is enough hate in the world, that here, in the metal detecting community, where we all have something in common, you would think everyone could get along. Instead there are accusations of staged finds, back biting and tormenting behavior that leaves me shaking my head on an almost daily basis.

This post is not some altruistic attempt at changing the world.  I have enough of my own cynicism where that is concerned, but I truly hope that maybe a few will pause and consider their actions.  I for one continue to spend my time telling my fellow detectorists how amazing they are—letting each and every detecting darling know that she is beautiful, unique and special.  Spreading kindness instead of hate is so much more fulfilling don't you think? 

Meanwhile, I will just sit back and watch that bitch karma sort it all out.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Wood Nymphs and Other Tales...

She is continually asked what she finds so intriguing about metal detecting.

What is the appeal?

This particularly humid summer day leaves her considering this question as sweat drips down the small of her back and hair clings to her face.  She mindlessly brushes a wayward stand out of her eye, leaving a streak of dirt across her cheek.  Mosquitoes and other biting insects buzz around, attempting to make her their next meal.  She shakes her head in response and notices a twig which she plucks from her now disheveled do.  Her knees and backside are dirty and she is pretty sure she has an entire beach-full of sand and earth in her shoes, bra and panties (how it gets there is a mystery)!  

She glances down at broken, mud-encrusted fingernails, taking note of her arms, now covered in thorn scratches and bruises for which she has no recollection of their origin.  By days end her entire body will tell the tale of running around like a wood nymph, navigating briars, hoisting over fallen trees, sliding down crevasses and climbing steep hills. Anyone in their right mind would say this sounds like a horrid way to spend the day.

Breathing in deeply, savoring the smell of dirt, brush, pine and leaves, her mouth curves up in a knowing smile.  Metal detecting puts her in touch with history, this much is true.  She loves digging up relics and imagining what life was like those many years ago.  But the truth of the matter is, beyond the thrill of the hunt, being outdoors, in the dirt, having an intimate connection with nature—what BETTER way to spend the day?

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Introvert Seeks Permission

So, I have a major dilemma.  It has come to the point in my metal detecting career where I am going to have to start asking for permission to dig.  Up until this time I have been on hunts with others or I've stuck to my local parks and "free game" areas.  The problem is, my spots are producing less and less and I am going to have to start branching out if I hope to continue in my beloved hobby.  Now, there are a few places I have been coveting from afar.  The next natural step would be knocking on some doors…Herein lies the quandary.

I always thought I was a "people person".  I mean, I like people. I really do!  I can hold a conversation with just about anyone and I am not judgmental or rude just for the sake of being so.  If I'm having a bad day I don't take it out on others and I try to smile as often as possible, even when it's the last thing I feel like doing.  Yet when a childhood friend asked me for my telephone number instead of communicating through text, I avoided it like I was being asked to perform a speech naked in front of a million people!

"Kimmie, don't tell me you've become an introvert!?!?" he demanded.  

"Nooooo of course not!" I texted in return. 

Flash back to a few months ago when Gary of Heavy Metal Detecting asked me why I wasn't on film more often.  He coaxed me into doing a bit for one of his videos, and while in the process of recording I suddenly became breathless and anxious.  I quite literally felt like I was going to have a heart attack! Gerald was there at the time and asked what was wrong.   

I responded in a panic, "I don't know! Filming this is freaking me out!"  

I forced myself to get through it, but the more I analyzed…I quickly realized, I AM an introvert!  I like to spend time alone.  I always have.  I'm not a big "sharer" when it comes to my feelings, with the exception of those that know me intimately and I don't really have a lot of close friends.  My mum even loves to retell the story when I was a child of how I left my bestie sitting on the front porch for an hour while playing in my room because I forgot she was there.  

So yes, it seems I am, and always have been, an introvert.

Now that we've established this lovely character trait of mine… The point of this whole diatribe--How does an introvert ask for permission to hunt someone’s property?  

I guess we’re about to find out!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coffee Addition with Organo Gold

It’s no secret that I love coffee.  My Facebook friends can attest to my almost-daily posts that border on obsessiveness.  I even wrote an ode to that wonderful, beautiful, libation years ago called “The Religion of Coffee” (See previous post).  So when one of my Facebook friends happened to see this probably-unhealthy addiction for that rich, dark goodness and asked if I wanted to try some samples of Organo Gold, I said “Well, YEAH!”  As luck would have it, the little packets came in the mail the very day I ran out of coffee at home. (I had forgotten to pick some up at the store – so my addiction clearly isn’t full-blown!)  I opened the packet, and set my one-cupper to brew.  Now please keep in mind that I generally only put cream in my coffee (just to cut down on the acid) but this CafĂ© Latte contained cream and sugar, so it was a little sweet for me.  But I have to say, it was totally tasty none-the-less. It mixed sort of like instant coffee (but it’s not), smelled amazing and provided the mandatory caffeine kick I look for in all my coffee products.  As an added bonus it is low acid and contains Ganoderma which is purported to promote health and longevity.  What can be wrong with that?  Plus ist's very portable, so perfect for detecting trips when you're going to need a little warmer or pick me up! So, if you’re a fan of coffee, like I am, hop on over to and check it out for yourself!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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The Religion of Coffee

The brisk morning air causes an involuntary shiver.
I wrap my fingers around a tall coffee, enfolding it in my hands like a precious gift. Heat creeps through my palms and into sleepy digits while I pause, embracing the anticipation, before raising cup to mouth. Pressing eager lips to the rim, the soothing aroma awakens the soul as steam flutters across my skin. Gingerly sucking in the too-hot liquid, I am mindless of the slightly seared tongue. Instead, my focus remains centered on the lifeblood radiating down my throat, warming my belly and stealing into my limbs with heady affection. The remainder will be consumed in an involuntary act, but for this moment, my entire being is enlightened, comforted…sustained. With this, I begin the day in a hopeful, Zen-like calm.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Copyright © 2005 Siren Kimmie (Kim Price) Girls Rock Metal Detecting. All Rights Reserved.
Originally published on Siren Kimmie's Did I Say That Out Loud, Random Thoughts and Musings blog

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rock Star Metal Detectorists

I'm going to address this once, and once only. I have seen multiple posts complaining about detectorists attempting to become "rock stars" -- insinuating that anyone who would dare disgrace the sovereignty of metal detecting by attempting to bust the stereotype of crusty, crotchety old men digging for rings on the beach, must certainly be in it solely for notoriety.

Let's get real! There has never been, nor will there ever be a detectorist that will reach anything remotely close to rock star status. There isn't anyone out there interesting enough to fill Blossom Music Center or Wembley Stadium based on their detecting prowess alone. None of us are going to get "rich" from our social media popularity.  And I'm fairly certain people are not finding themselves with the proverbial light bulb over their heads and an epiphany that they are going to take up metal detecting because it will lead to fame and fortune.  Only a handful have achieved more than a few moments in the spot light of TV.  This hardly leads to a mansion in Bel-Air and a vacation home in Tuscany. The truth is, each and every one of us was lured into this hobby because we were excited about the hunt. Simple as that!

Facebook and YouTube has brought together people from all walks of life and differing backgrounds--each and every one of us having a passion for digging up history or treasures. To belittle or attempt to undermine someone’s passion simply because they choose to live life out loud while expressing it, is just sad! Social media is changing the face of metal detecting. This is a fact that cannot be denied. The choice is to accept it or hide your head in a hole (Hopefully one with a really cool relic.) until you're old, grey and senile.  It’s not going away!  More and more of us are utilizing social media to demonstrate our love for the hobby and this, my friends, is a GOOD thing!  

For me, music and metal detecting bring out some of my truest, rawest emotions.  When I dig up a relic I am connected to the past just as much as I am when I hear a song on the radio that transports me back in time.  Music and metal detecting are emotionally provocative, not to mention fun (You know that thing, fun?) and I will not apologize for melding the two together.

Incidentally, I don’t need metal detecting to propel me into rock stardom. I, along with the other lovelies who grace the pages of Girls Rock Metal Detecting, were rock stars long before we began swinging a detector--and we have no intention of toning ourselves down for anyone!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Interview with Brandon Neice aka Dr. Tones of Dirt Fishin America

This time out Twenty Questions with Girls Rock Metal Detecting has decide to harass Brandon Neice aka Dr. Tones of Dirt Fishin America fame.  Dr. Tones’s background uncovers a life time of experience which began at a young age prospecting with his father and eventually expanded into a full grown habit of metal detecting and relic hunting. He’s an integral part of this fun-loving group of guys who, when not fighting fires and saving lives at their “regular jobs”, are digging for treasures all across the United States and beyond.   Dr. Tones also brings some super-talented video editing skills to the table that make the rest of us YouTubers want to hang our heads in shame.  If you haven’t checked out these videos yet, you’re in for a real treat!

1. Pretend you’re doing an interview for the coolest page on Facebook (Oh, wait, we are the coolest page on Facebook!) tell us, who IS Dr. Tones?
Dr. Tones is my (Brandon Neice’s) alter ego. He’s an adventurer. A mix between Indiana Jones and a Goonie. The name was a silly pun on words that I used for my forum handle. It carried over into my YouTube channel.

2. What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Pretty sure at age ten I wanted to be a comic book artist or a baseball player.

3. If you could go back and talk to your 10 year old self, what would you say?
Focus on your education! It will make your life easier when you become an adult!

4. What would the title of your autobiography be?
I have so much ahead of me, I don’t even know. "The best is yet to come” ???  ;)

5. What has been your strangest life experience?
I’m a firefighter paramedic. I can’t begin to tell you how many strange experiences I’ve had. Every day is stranger than the last. Right when you think you’ve seen it all, someone blows your mind.

6. What is “sexy”?
Sexy is when you get dirty… really dirty.

7. Here at Girls Rock Metal Detecting, we’re really into music – what song would you say best describes your metal detecting technique? (Explain)
The Smashing Pumpkins “Today” Because “today is the greatest…” every time we get to go detecting.

8. If you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Kurt Cobain. So I could give him a hug and tell him that he’s not alone and that there’s help for him.

9. What do you think about when you’re alone?
When I’m alone I think about why how nice it is to be alone. And then I miss having company and get lonely.

10. A billionaire offers you a million dollars to launch your best business idea.  What is this business venture?
Chicken-Mike-Nuggets. Chicken nuggets shaped like Evander Holyfields ears that come with ketchup.

11. If you could be anyone besides yourself who would you be and why?  And you have to choose someone else, you can’t cop out and say “I wouldn’t choose anyone, I love who I am!” --because that’s just BORING!
I would be Einstein so I could know what it’s like to be ridiculously smart.

12. Is the glass half empty or is it half full?
The glass is half full but could always use a refill

13. If you could change ANYTHING about the world we live in, what would it be?
I would give all the parents in the world a chance to watch their children live full, happy lives free of pain, disease and abuse. After having a son of my own who is healthy and thriving, I can’t imagine being a parent having to cope with some of the aforementioned.

14. Now for the detecting questions, this is a detecting page after all. What does metal detecting mean to you?
Metal detecting to me is a fun way to learn about the past while preserving it. Most important, it gives me memories and gets me out exploring.

15.  If you could spend an entire week detecting one single location, anywhere in the world, where would you be digging and why?
Somewhere with land mines so I could feel like I made a difference.

16.  You are six miles deep into the woods and you dig up 100 gold bars.  You only have access to the property for 24 hours and there is no way you can carry them all out at one time. The terrain is such that you cannot access it with any vehicles of any sort, what do you do?
Do I have cell reception? If so I’d text all my friends the coordinates and tell them to hurry! You can keep what you can carry!

17.  You have found the perfect digging spot, turning up lots and lots of goodies, do you invite your friends to join or do you keep it to yourself?
Refer to the above.

18.  You’ve asked a farmer if you can detect his property.  He says, “No, the last person to dig here was a real jackass and left holes and trash all over the place.  What do you do/say to convince him to allow you to detect his property?
I ask the farmer if he has the name of the individual that ruined my chances of detecting his land so I could put my T-handle upside his head!

19.  The only predictable question that everyone wants to know so we have to ask it:  What is your all-time favorite metal detector and what do you love about it?
CTX 3030. I love it because it just clicks with me. I have spent so much time with her. She has found my best digs.

20. What do you think about Girls Rock Metal Detecting and if you could change anything about it what would that be? (Note: If you’re mean to us well throw rocks at you and call you names.)
Girls Rock Detecting calendar?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Not Your Father's Root Beer

A childhood friend of mine, Mike, with whom I had not spoken since I was a kid, delighted in the pure geekiness of my love for metal detecting as we played catchup a few weeks ago.  We spoke about his property and the prospects of detecting back in Ohio.  The conversation turned towards drinking, as conversations often do.  I was enjoying a nice bold red shiraz and he immediately began singing the praises of his new favorite libation, Not Your Father's Root Beer.  "This stuff is amazing"he promised, "You have to try it!"

Thus began my quest to find this coveted delight.  I went to four different grocery stores with no luck.  I mentioned it to a friend who had a friend who is an alcohol distributor and swore they could find it for me.  True to their word it was located in a store approximately 20 minutes from my home.  "It's flying off the selves!" she said.  Meanwhile a Facebook friend posts about this new drink and how much she loves it. Okay, I'm really going to have to see what the hype is all about!

As pure luck would have it, I stopped at my local grocery for a bottle of red this evening, and there it was in the beer cooler. I grabbed a six pack and headed towards home.  So lets see if this is all it's cracked up to be...  [Pops the top and takes a sniff, then a deep swallow]. What is this sorcery?  What magics are involved here?  I'm drinking a root beer, and yet... it's a beer?  I do not taste alcohol. All I taste is spicy vanilla root beery goodness!  It really is amazing!

Okay, maybe I've been swayed. Maybe the big talk-up has my judgment clouded.  I really think I need to try another, just to be sure.  Nope, this one's just as good as the last.  It's rich, it's full-flavored. It literally is like drinking a high-quality root beer.  (Did I mention there's alcohol in it?)  Okay one more--Just to be 100% sure.  The public is depending on me to be objective. I MUST be sure... Yummy!  Yummy Yum Yum...  [Does what can only now be described as the Not Your Father's Root Beer  happy dance].

I really want to find the inventor of this and kiss him/her square on the lips! Girls Rock Metal Detecting on YouTube
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Girls Rock Metal Detecting Episode 1

Girls Rock Metal Detecting Episode 1 takes a trip to Lee's Retreat for some Civil War Relic Hunting with Civil War Misc Relic Hunters and Thrills int he Dig, ,tours Meadow Farm in VA, finds a few local treasures (including some silver) and Special Guests Sam Waters and Hadley Wooten show of some really cool finds. Girls Rock Metal Detecting on YouTube
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