Friday, July 31, 2015

This Detector...That Detector...

I think the most common argument amongst metal detectorists has to be “What’s the best machine?”  Everyone has their favorite(s).  I for one am a big fan of the Garrett AT Pro (as is my good friend Gary over at Heavy Metal Detecting).  Gerald Johnson at Thrills in the Dig, while a fan of the AT Pro now runs a Fisher F75 SE which he is madly in love with.  Meanwhile Lee Jackson at Civil War Miscellaneous Relic Hunters who is usually a Minelab guy is currently running an AT Gold with amazing results.

The perfect machine is based on a lot of things, but it’s mainly personal preference.  A lot of factors go into choosing the right detector.  First, what’s your pleasure?  Are you a coin shooter or do you go for the relics?  Is it jewelry you’re hoping to find?  And where are you hunting?  Do you plan on using it on the beach, in hot soil with high mineralization or are you looking to hunt some fields or woods?
There are other important things to consider as well.  Price is certainly the biggest factor—what’s your budget and which machine is the best bang for your buck?  Weight is also a major concern to some, as are certain features such as whether the detector is waterproof or what discrimination options it offers.  Some even choose a machine based on what color it comes in (Please don’t do this!!!)

The bottom line however, isn’t the metal detector you’re running.  It’s how well you learn it and what it produces.  Let me say that again.  It’s how well you LEARN IT and what it PRODUCES!  If you’re using a beat up detector you scored for five bucks at a garage sale and you’re finding tons of really good stuff with it, who CARES what brand it is!  Get out there and dig those goodies and don’t listen to that dude telling you that you need the latest and greatest four thousand dollar machine because it’s “better”.  If and when you out grow you’re machine, you’ll be the first one to know it.  Trust me on this one!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why Siren Kimmie? Why?

I have been asked a few times during the maiden voyage of Girls Rock Metal Detecting, one simple question.  “Why?”  “Why Girls Rock Metal Detecting?”

Simply put, in the three years I’ve been detecting and involved in the online community assisting others with video recording, editing, narrating, graphic design, marketing and even acting as admin on other groups, I noticed there was no real platform for female detectorists.  While the social media landscape is fully open for women to interact and engage, there was no true standout for the female voice.  Do not misunderstand—Girls Rock Metal Detecting is not some attempt at a big feminist statement (though I am a women which makes me inherently a feminist by my very gender).  More so, Girls Rock Metal Detecting is a place to celebrate women in the metal detecting community, openly and alongside our male counterparts (some of whom are our biggest and truest supporters).  It is a place that pays tribute to the sexy, smart, sassy tomboys and girlie girls who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. A community where all of the ladies of metal detecting are brought together and promoted*.  A place where detecting vixens can live out loud and rock out with their detectors out without fear of being patronized or ridiculed.  A place free of in-fighting, back biting and drama, where we lift one another up and revel in our passion and enthusiasm for this amazing hobby that brought us all together.  That my friends, is the premise behind Girls Rock Metal Detecting.

*Any ladies submitting clips or photographs will be included in an upcoming Girls Rock Metal Detecting video along with a shout-out to their own channel/group or project.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Friday, July 24, 2015

One Big Happy Family

A wise person once told me, the metal detecting community is much smaller than you realize. I do believe that to be true in many respects. However the landscape, when placing social media into the mix, is wide and diverse. Metal detecting brings together an eclectic range of people from all over the world. Bakers, bankers, bikers, beekeepers, beauticians (and that’s just starting on the B’s)--coming from all corners of the English speaking world and beyond, meeting to discuss their favorite hobby and share their finds, triumphs and frustrations. In that journey we discover that this group of people, all individuals so very much different from one another, are not so different after all. The passion for uncovering relics, coins and jewelry translates into so much more. A love of history, coin collecting, an adoration for the outdoors, and a strong desire to be stewards of the land upon which we detect and play. This journey has brought me close to people that I would never have gotten to know but for this common interest. People I now consider to be friends and family. Yes, the metal detecting community is a great big family, complete with bickering and great shows of love and support. I am thankful every day for what metal detecting has given me, so much more than a hobby, so much more than a daily history lesson. Metal detecting has brought me to you! And that’s pretty incredible! 

--Siren Kimmie XOXO

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

GRMD Interview with Deep Digger Dan

Girls Rock Metal Detecting Interviews
Deep Digger Dan

Girls Rock Metal Detecting has officially started interviewing the famous, infamous, soon-to-be famous and wishing-to-be-famous metal detectorists.  We figured we’d start out large and bring you one of the biggest names in metal detecting, Dan Holdsworth, also known as Deep Digger Dan.  If you haven’t heard of him, then you really do need to get out more!  He’s got a thriving YouTube channel and Facebook community and has tackled everything from our beloved hobby of metal detecting, to cooking, wild camping and now, with his latest venture, product reviews.  He delivers an often hilarious frolic through his tales that keeps viewers coming back for more.  OK, let’s get on with it.  We bring you Deep Digger Dan—the man, the myth the legend!

1. Pretend you’re doing an interview for the coolest page on Facebook (Oh, wait, we are the coolest page on Facebook!) tell us, who IS Deep Digger Dan?
It’s easier to say he isn’t Dan Holdsworth. Deep Digger Dan is just a character I created for entertainment. The real Dan, although can be loud and outspoken, is a bit of a quiet loner and keeps himself to himself. Any online activity or videos is always Deep Digger Dan though. He’s goofy, carefree, outspoken and fun and his only care in the world is to try and make people smile/laugh. He’s the best mate I never had.

2. What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
I wanted to be a footballer. Nothing else. Back then I was incredibly fast and played every sport imaginable being the captain of many sports teams. Unfortunately as we hit puberty, the other boys grew muscles and I stayed a tall skinny rake and just couldn’t compete anymore.

3. If you could go back and talk to your 10 year old self, what would you say?
I’d drill it into him not to let life dictate who you are but to be who you are and dictate life. We are under so much pressure as children to do well at school and get a good job and earn lots of money. That doesn't bring happiness. Have a dream and follow it. Dreamers have less stress.

4. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Come On!!..Get In!! That’s what I’m having put on my grave stone and it seems perfectly apt to throw it on the cover of a book too. There’s still too much going to happen in my life to contemplate an autobiography yet though.

5. What has been your strangest life experience?
Strangest and scariest would have to be when my best friend accidentally pushed me off a cliff when I was 18. We were drunk, it was 1am and we decided to go out in the middle of nowhere exploring. Playing around we were pushing each other but didn't see the cliff edge as it was too dark. I broke a couple of bones but limped away. The feeling you have whilst falling for all them few seconds knowing that you must surely die is one never to be forgotten. I landed inside a triangle of 3 large rocks. 2 feet either way and I’d have died.

6. What is “sexy”?
Jennifer Aniston with a mermaids tail…obviously!

7. Here at Girls Rock Metal Detecting, we’re really into music – what song would you say best describes your metal detecting technique?
Way too hard a question. I can’t think of anything sorry. 

8. If you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Not a musician but a rock star all the same, Jim Morrison. I was introduced to the Doors music at 18 years old and became obsessed with Jim. So much so that I almost changed my name to Dan Jim Morrison Holdsworth. His attitude to life made me the man I am today. Not necessarily a good thing but true.

9. What do you think about when you’re alone?
Have you not seen me ponder in my videos? I think about anything and everything. I think about my good dreams a lot and try to work out how I can bring them into reality. I’m struggling with my reoccurring dream though where I invent chicken milk. I’m the only person who knows how to extract milk from a chicken and make millions from it but so far I’ve only managed to do it in dreams. Yes…I have tried on a real chicken.

10. A billionaire offers you a million dollars to launch your best business idea.  What is this business venture?
Releasing the Deep Digger Dan metal detectors range. I guess that would be my proudest moment.

11. If you could be anyone besides yourself who would you be and why?  And you have to choose someone else, you can’t cop out and say “I wouldn’t choose anyone, I love who I am!” --because that’s just BORING!
Justin Theroux. Not heard of him? He’s engaged to Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

12. Is the glass half empty or is it half full?
It was always half empty until I found metal detecting. Now it is most definitely half full.

13. If you could change ANYTHING about the world we live in, what would it be?
I’d make hatred, lying, cheating and bullying illegal, punishable by a free punch from whoever they did it to.

14. Now for the detecting questions, this is a detecting page after all. What does metal detecting mean to you?
It means I can be a kid again. We unfortunately have to grow up and the dreams of finding a chest of treasure on a desert island fade away. Metal detecting gives me the chance to dream again. The detector is a magic wand and with every bleep I’m one step closer to that life changing treasure. 

15.  If you could spend an entire week detecting one single location, anywhere in the world, where would you be digging and why?
I often get asked this and don't really know the answer. It would definitely be somewhere which hasn’t been detected. Maybe Russia, Vietnam or the grounds of Buckingham palace.

16.  You are six miles deep into the woods and you dig up 100 gold bars.  You only have access to the property for 24 hours and there is no way you can carry them all out at one time. The terrain is such that you cannot access it with any vehicles of any sort, what do you do?
I’d make sure I got some damn good video footage and then just take the few I could carry. I ain’t greedy. It’s not all about the money or value for me. I get more of a buzz uploading a video that I know is going to amaze people. Possessions and money come and go but a video and a memory are forever.

17.  You have found the perfect digging spot, turning up lots and lots of goodies, do you invite your friends to join or do you keep it to yourself?
I guess if they weren’t finding anything I’d have to call them over. I’m always happy for anyone to find the goodies as long as they are found.

18.  You’ve asked a farmer if you can detect his property.  He says, “No, the last person to dig here was a real jackass and left holes and trash all over the place.”  What do you do/say to convince him to allow you to detect his property?
I don’t. I’m the worst person in the world at getting permission from farmers. If a jackass has already spoilt it for you then I can’t see a farmer changing his mind. 

19.  The only predictable question that everyone wants to know so we have to ask it:  What is your all-time favorite metal detector and what do you love about it?
Ooooo that is sooo hard. I don’t think my favourite detector has been invented yet. My favourite so far has to be the XP Deus that I’m using simply because it is wireless and incredibly light. I would like to take them plus points and add them to the pinpointing of the Garrett AT Pro, The discrimination of the Minicab Etrac and the computer technology of the Whites Spectra V3i. Having said that, the Garrett Euroace (350) was the cheapest machine I used and the one I have had most success with.

20. What do you think about Girls Rock Metal Detecting and if you could change anything about it what would that be? (Note: If you’re mean to us well throw rocks at you and call you names.)
I think it’s a great idea. It’s always been a mostly male orientated hobby and I’d love to see more women involved. If I could change one thing it would be to have kept it ‘girls’ only. Your girl members are simply going to be diluted into the background as the men will no doubt takeover all the comments.

Thanks for taking the time out to do this!  It is so very much appreciated!  Is there anything you’d like to add?
If you don’t mind, yes there is. 1734 + 2429. I’ve been stuck on that one for weeks.

© Girls Rock Metal Detecting

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Journey Through Time

Branches crackle and break under careless feet. The pungent smell of decaying leaves, pine and dirt are made more intense by the gently stirring breeze. The heat of the day creeps out of nowhere as refuge is sought in a cool draught of icy water. Spilling a little onto the neck, letting it slowly trickle down, offering a delightful teasing of cold refreshment. An errant strand of hair is mindlessly brushed off the face before another deep drink of the revitalizing liquid. Mosquitoes, birds and crickets compete with a strong echo from the past, silent footsteps of those who came before. A heavy but welcome presence permeates as the souls of yesterday demand attention. They leave behind memories in the form of small discarded or lost relics waiting to be uncovered and once again cherished. But that they could speak their minds and tell their tales, instead leaving more questions than answers and a small token that connects to what once was. A tie that binds to the past while giving reverence to the hallowed ground upon which they traveled, a journey we’ve now taken togethe

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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