Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Siren Kimmie's On The Field Team

I was passively shopping for a new metal detector when I first heard the name Nokta Makro. A little-know machine called the "Anfibio," which was garnering great reviews, had piqued my interest. As I dug deeper, I found a respected manufacturer who met my long list of qualifications; which is important considering any detector I swing would inadvertently find its way into my videos and writing. As such, the Notka Makro Anfibio Multi landed squarely onto my "wish list."

Call it serendipity, but a few weeks later, I was approached to lend my voice to a podcast commercial for none other than Nokta Makro Detectors. In exchange, I earned the very machine I had been coveting from afar! It was almost as if the universe was trying to tell me something.

I will admit it felt a little odd. Metal Detecting, for me, is about recovering history; so it had never occurred to me to use the hobby as an income source or payment-in-kind. But turning down a gig which compensated with free equipment would just be silly--So long as it was not at the expense of my integrity of course. Being that I was not asked to offer any opinion or endorsement, my conscience was clear; I became the proud owner of a Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi.

As time went by, I quickly fell in love with the Anfibio.  Meeting with success right off the bat I began sharing my finds as well as my excitement with the online community. So, it really should have come as no surprise when I found myself in conversation with Nokta Makro about joining their field team. Yet, during our initial discussions, I kept hearing David Byrne's voice in my head.

"How did I GET here?"

There are some who would jump at the chance for a sponsorship opportunity without even hesitating. However, being an over thinker, I wound up in a deep moral conversation with myself. Certainly, I would never risk my reputation on a product I do not have confidence in; nor would I align with anyone who does not mesh with my beliefs and personality. In fact, I have declined offers in the past citing one or more of those reasons. I also wouldn't want to be in a situation where metal detecting becomes "work". But with Nokta Makro, everything just happened so organically... I was already using their product and loved it. I already knew Nokta Makro had a good reputation.  Everything just seemed to fit.  Most importantly, it was understood and encouraged that I would remain honest in my reviews and critique.

Finally, what capped it off for me, was the type of team Nokta Makro is intent on building. They are not looking for "yes men." They did not seek out the most "popular" social media detectorists or bring in "YouTube stars." They chose me to be a part of their team because of the reputation I have gained through my videos, blog posts, and social media presence. I felt a tremendous sense of pride when I realized, Nokta Makro saw me as a person of character and integrity (there is that word again). This of course bolstered my confidence in Nokta Makro as a company and solidified my decision to become a part of their field team.

So there it is. I am officially a field team member for Nokta Makro Detectors. I am excited for this next adventure, it should be GREAT fun!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting and now... Nokta Makro Field Team Member)

PS! If you want to give a listen to the podcast commercial that started it all check out All Metal Mode!

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