Thursday, July 13, 2017

Don't be Fooled! Metal Detecting is HARD!

I recently received the following instant message:

" find so many great things, I wish I were as l lucky as you."

I paused for a long moment.

Often times I sit in amazement over the gobs and gobs of great things I see displayed on Facebook and YouTube every day. I sigh and gaze dreamily at belt buckles, box plates, and gold coins. So the idea that someone perceives me?... As lucky?... In metal detecting?... That took me by surprise.

"I work very hard for all of my finds, they do not come easy." I replied.

It suddenly occurred to me; if you've never metal detected before, and the only thing you know of the hobby is what you see on YouTube and Facebook, you are being deceived!

The deception is not purposeful or malicious... I myself am guilty with my own videos by not showing all the trash I dig. I mean, who wants to watch 15 to 20 minutes of me digging canslaw.

It's boring!

Certainly I focus on the best finds. This is true of most YouTubers and Facebookers. It isn't meant to be misleading, but in many ways it is. So please allow me set the record straight. Metal detecting, at least in my neck of the woods, is HARD WORK

Anyone brave enough to dig with me is guaranteed to spend hours, even days at a time, with sometimes little to show for it. You will suffer near heat exhaustion in dry sandy fields in the beating sun with 100 degree heat indexes. The air will be so heavy you can barely breathe and you will sweat just standing still. Mosquitoes, flies, and gnats will drive you to the brink of madness (and we're not even going to discuss the ticks and chiggers, or the completely over-grown woods with the meanest velcro-like thorns you have ever encountered). You will dig hole, after hole, after hole of aluminum and pull rings--or worse, wander back and forth on a massive field with nary a signal

Metal detecting is not always one fabulous relic or coin after another. In fact, that type of digging is very RARE where I live. The potential is certainly there for pockets of goodies, but most of my finds were produced after a valiantly fought battle in some of the most difficult conditions. And they're certainly not right next door. My best locations include up to a two-hour commute (one way) and have no guarantee of producing.  It's all part of the detecting adventure.

So tease me if you must when I loose my mind over that general service button or I become ecstatic when I find a mercury dime or a civil war bullet. You see, these things are tough to come by around these parts, and I cherish each find as if I've just dug a million dollars--Because to me, especially the historical artifacts, they are treasures. I would love to live in an area where I can walk out the front door and dig 1800's coins and Civil War or Colonial relics--But that is simply not a reality for many of us.

But you know, the way I look at it, as hard as I have worked to recover each of my finds...I think maybe, just maybe, I appreciate them a little bit more.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)
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