Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NEWS FLASH! Siren Kimmie is NOT your Mama!

You heard me!  I am NOT your mama nor am I anyone's defender.  I do not get involved in he said she said conflicts and it was never my goal to be the voice of ALL women, nor should I be!  We each have our own mind and I do NOT want that responsibility!  It was never my intention to be a mediator.  Not once did I offer myself as any sort of authority figure or enforcer of right or wrong.  It is not my job to parent anyone's childish behavior--Lord knows I'm having a good day if I can simply guide myself!  All I can do is offer constructive advice and/or criticism based on my own values.  But in the end it is up to you to handle your own business.  Forgive my bluntness but after being unfriended because I chose not to take sides in a Facebook fight that had nothing to do with me, I think a bit of undiluted truth is necessary.

This is not some passive aggressive attempt at "getting even".  I feel badly that it had to come to this and I honestly think it's quite silly.  If I wanted to get even, I could easily join forces with the "other side" (muah ha ha), but for me there simply is no "side".  And there is no "getting even". There is just a realization about people's true character and my own need for a cathartic bit of writing.

Being a veteran in the world of social media and having run an online business where social media was a major part of its function, I come with a whole lot of experience in what types of "drama" can erupt in the nether realms of the net.  As such, I learned long ago not to get caught up in "virtual stress".  Social Media, for me, will always be a place of artistic expression and entertainment first.  I live in the real world with real life problems.  And while I have met a lot of friends online (many of whom I consider my dearest) I prefer to stay out of comment fights and petty arguments born out of individuals' inability to recognize there is actually a human being on the other end of the computer.  Further, I prefer to spend my time spreading love, kindness, and encouragement (that's my hippie side).

I am friendly, I chat when I can, I will offer advice if and when I can, and I will even stick my neck out and provide insight on occasion if I feel it will help.  I genuinely care about people but I also know it is easy to get deeply embroiled in fights that are not my own and where attempts at being constructive become futile.  So, much like I did back in school when faced with playground behavior, I will continue on in my little corner as the quiet artsy girl rocking some tunes and being nice to everyone. I would rather have zero Facebook friends, no views on my YouTube videos, and absolutely no page fans, with only my mother reading my blog, so long as that means I never have to compromise myself or my integrity—a trait I hold most important, both in myself and in my relationships.

The word integrity gives an immediate impression of honesty, trustworthiness, possessing strong morals, and even kindness.  It is a virtue that denotes fairness and being imbued with a strong character.  But integrity means much more than that.  According to, it is also a "state of being complete or undivided".  In addition to the synonyms listed above, when looking up the word integrity you will find "unity," "cohesion," "solidarity," and "togetherness."  For me, with Girls Rock Metal Detecting, it was my intention to "do my part" to help promote a community of women who built one another up and foster a sense of good will.  A "unity" and feeling of "togetherness" as it were.  One that does not stand for mean comments on my pages or within any of the Girls Rock Metal Detecting projects.  This policy still holds true.  But it is not my job to police other pages or stand up to every hateful comment therein.  Quite frankly, I simply have no time or inclination to participate in Facebook comment wars.  And honestly, the only way to "win" at Facebook is to avoid toxic energy and drama in the first place!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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