Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wine is Life

Stress weighs heavy on a tired soul. 
Dragging down. Her shoulders strain against the days tension as if preparing for impact. 

The cork extracts from the bottle with a swift pop before the almost-black liquid gently flows into the glass. 

Her hands cup the bowl, protectively embracing the large vessel as if any moment this joy will be stolen. 

Eagerly the glass is raised to her mouth with a deep, slow breath before drawing the heady substance across her delighted tongue. 

A tingling sensation tempts while the slightly-fruity but dry libation is eagerly swallowed down.  

Pink hues flush her face in response to the burning warmth. The corners of a once frowning mouth begin to pull upward in an involuntary smile.  The kind of smile that seems to be hiding a delicious secret. 

Sighing contentedly she raises the glass to her lips for another deep draw of the intoxicating substance. 

Heat begins to flow down, reaching into her core, then traveling through every inch of her body. 

Shoulders drop in a sweet surrender.  The fight has ended.

Red wine, you win! You know my mind and understand precisely what I need.

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Trials and Tribulations of a Female Detectorist Part 2

Part 2: Are Female Detectorists Sexy? 

If you've made your way through Part 1 of "The Trials and Tribulations of a Female Detectorist," welcome back.  In this section we will delve a bit into sexism and feminism.  (Don't be scared... )

The fact that I have to address this is actually quite sad.  We don't sit around contemplating what the men of metal detecting are wearing and how it reflects on the community as a whole.  I promise you, I have seen shirtless man selfies, too-tight trousers, and questionable poses by many of the guys--yet you don't see relentless chastising and four day threads about how it affects the integrity of the hobby. Not once have I seen a male detectorists skills brought into question because he snapped a selfie with his latest find.  Meanwhile I post a smiling pic with a musket ball or even a quick adoring coffee pose and suddenly I'm a narcissist. 

I touched on this a bit in Part 1, but it bears repeating--pardon the rant.  I am fed up with us ladies having to answer for other people's reactions and behavior.  FED UP!  There is no earthly reason we should have to defend ourselves when we've done nothing to warrant persecution.  I don't care whether a woman is in a T shirt, a tank top, a dress, a bikini... It's her RIGHT to wear whatever she wants without having to be slobbered on or judged.  Regardless of how provocative a women's attire may be, in a free society, there isn't a person dead or living that can dictate what she can and cannot wear.  The only exceptions to this rule would be, say an employer setting aside a dress code policy which one must follow, or a police officer upholding indecent exposure laws if, for instance, I decided to start detecting in a thong and pasties--I'll probably get arrested.  But aside from these types of examples, the rest of the world is pretty much left with nothing but opinion. Opinions that are best unvoiced because, as the old saying goes, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one."  

Beyond that, the term "appropriate attire" is subjective. While history would attempt to dictate that it is a women's role to uphold modesty and chastity, it is not our job to be the protectors of virtue!  The idea that women are expected to portray a sense of purity and innocence--the female body should be covered lest it shamefully, wantonly arouse and attract the attention of men thereby granting them permission to leer, touch and take whatever they want--it is a bunch of patriarchal nonsense! Men, you should be equally insulted by the suggestion that you lack any sort of self-control or honor.  When we make a fashion decision, the first thought should not be about our personal safety or whether we are covered enough to avoid giving some dude a woody or being insulted by some chick who has different fashion tastes!  Men, you alone are responsible for your reaction to a woman's body and how you deal with that reaction.  And ladies, you have no right to police what another woman is wearing.  End of.

Having said that, lets get back to the question at hand.  First take a look at what the media says female metal detectorists should look like... 


Conversely, do a google search for "Sexy Men Metal Detecting" and take a gander at the results.  It's laughable really.

The powers that be (i.e., advertisers, manufacturers and sales reps alike) depict metal detecting women as airbrushed models who have most likely never wielded a detector in their lives, posing in high heels and bikinis.  This type of marketing is strictly geared towards men the same as sports cars and beer adverts.  The premise is:  Show "hot" women in your advertising and men will believe your product will make them attractive to said women.  Clearly the marketing works however, or they wouldn't continue to use it over...and over... and OVER. Thankfully I know lots of men who do not succumb to this type of pandering so there is hope for the human race after all.

Now, as a woman, if I see an advertisement for a detector like the one pictured here, I promise you I will NOT buy it. If you cannot look at me as a valid consumer of your product and feel the need to alienate and exclude me with your marketing campaign, then clearly I do not need to be your customer. It's quite simple really.  I will vote with my wallet.

Having said all this, as women, we are so inundated with society and media's idea of "sexy' that we really don't know which end is up (no pun intended).  On one hand we are told that we need to look this way to be considered valuable.  On the other hand, if I post pictures of myself in this state of undress I promise the magnitude of slut shaming would be astronomical.  It's a no win situation really.

Where does this leave us ladies? Well, we're kind of stuck into the corner we've been painted.  We live in a world where we are ultimately gauged on our looks and sexuality.  If we are perceived to be pretty, we are valued more highly.  If we fit society's idea of thin, tall, and sexy, we are found "worthy". Women's bodies are used to sell just about every service and product on the planet (including detectors). There is a reason beauty and weight loss are multi-billion dollar industries and over 20 Million women in the US have eating disorders.  There is no room for growing old, or putting on weight, or gaining grey hair and wrinkles.  Yet a woman who celebrates her features is negatively labeled.  It's a catch 22 with the responsibility wrongfully placed right back on our shoulders.  We are criticized if we change our profile picture too frequently, or take too many selfies. Photos of our finds are tainted with the aforementioned commentary of likes based upon gender or because the outline of a breast can be seen behind the detector.  

Unfortunately I do not have a solution to this problem.  I have come to the glaring conclusion that no matter how often I beat my head against a tree arguing these points, it never changes.  All I can do is shine a light on the inequities and hope that it will resonate. Beseech my fellow lady detectorists to encourage one another as opposed to ripping each other apart.  To never tolerate being treated as objects and never accept being attacked or harassed simply for doing our thing. 

So to answer the original question, are female metal detectorists sexy?  Hell yes!  ALL of the women of metal detecting are sexy and AMAZING!!!  Beyond what the media SAYS you SHOULD look like, each and every one is unique, passionate, and fun loving.  That's what makes lady detectorists sexy!  So, don't ever let anyone make you feel less then, or ashamed of who you are.  Celebrate yourself and follow your passion.  You are bad ass and you ROCK metal detecting!

xoxo Siren Kimmie (HDIC Girls Rock Metal Detecting)

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